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Gate of Stories operates in Finland.

PURPOSE:  publishing, producing and developing extraordinary mainstream stories and non-fiction contents that have original point of view to human life. In fiction stories especially interested in action, science fiction, fantasy genres.

MEDIAS: publishing fiction and non-fiction books (printed, digital editions), developing moviehybrid- story format (audiovisual graphic novels), marketing and intermediating selected screenplays and series concepts (The Gate), offering screenplay development and consulting services (Story & Development)

SPECIALTY OF PRODUCTS: Published picture books and novels are created to entertain readers but also, they are available for adaptations. The story structure of each book is a good match for other medias like feature films, TV-series episodes, plays or even ballets (as librettos).

SPECIAL INTERESTS: Strong stories about integrity, bravery, honor, reliability, trustworthiness, compassion, generosity, and characters who never quit.

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